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The Background

As the mobile phone operators begin 4G transmissions in 2013, it is estimated that the introduction of 4G for faster mobile internet will lead to TV distortion and interference problems for over 2 million households in the UK. Your household may well be one of them!

It is likely that for most households experiencing interference problems following the commencement of 4G transmissions, it can be rectified by a simple filter. If you receive your TV signal through a shared IRS system or have it amplified by a UHF amplifier, the 4G interference will be considerably worse and you will require an engineer from ADI to solve the problem. If your home is close to a 4G transmitter, the new 4G signal may be too powerful to overcome with a 4G filter - you may need to switch to satellite for your TV provision - again, ADI can facilitate the switch to Sky or FreeSat.

The Solution

ADI are fully trained and accredited by the RDI and specialise in solving these problems. There are four different filters we can apply to your TV signal to "mask out" the 4G signal which is interfering with your TV signal. We first check your TV systems (aerial, wiring and amplification) are all functioning correctly and, if necessary, we carry out a professional fitting service of the correct 4g filter to eliminate the interference from 4G. The filters are either fitted to your aerial or to each TV socket in your house, whichever is the right solution for your particular 4G interference issue.

If your aerial also needs replacing as part of the resolution, we have the latest "4G LTE Ready Aerials" which have built-in filters to ensure the 4G signal does not interfere with your TV viewing.

If you receive your signal through an IRS system (for example: One dish or aerial serves multiple apartments) we will need to install a professional filter (which has sharper characteristics than a standard home filter) to the IRS system to obtain a clear signal reception.

"Future Proofing" Your Home

As part of our 4G service, we also check (where required) your other systems which may also be effected by the 4G signal such as your SKY Box, you CCTV security system (which may also operate on UHF bands) and any Set Top Boxes you may have for Freeview.

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